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    Funding the Stockwell Park Residents’ Association

    Your Association Needs You

    The “Constitution and Objectives” of the SPRA sets out, among other matters, an objective to raise funds such that there is a “….surplus for distribution to local charities.”

    Running the SPRA is not without costs e.g. printing costs for Spark (our Newsletter), website development, hiring meeting rooms etc. At the AGM each year there is a call for contributions towards these costs. To the extent that these costs are not covered, the surplus for distribution to charities is reduced.

    Some residents have responded regularly to this call, for which the SPRA Committee is very grateful. The Committee would however like to invite all residents to make a small contribution towards the running costs. Such contribution may be by cash or cheque, payable to “Stockwell Park Residents Association”, given to the Treasurer or any member of the Committee.

    Alternatively, the Committee would also like to invite residents to consider making a ‘Standing Order’ on their personal bank account. If you wish to do this, please contact William Wayne for details