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    was held on 17, 18, 19 June 2016 - Thanks & Next Year's dates


    Festival Chairman Brian O’Neill ( writes:


    22nd June 2016

    Dear Friends and Neighbours,

    I hope that you will agree with me that this year’s SPRA Summer Festival was a great success.  You turned out in your numbers, every event was well supported, the sun shone when it really mattered, there was a wonderful sense of community throughout the weekend and we raised a not inconsiderable amount of money for local charities whilst having a very good time.

    The weekend began with the Quiz & Curry evening in the Adventure Playground Hut; an event which was sold out several days in advance.  A huge vote of thanks to Bex, Charmaine and Rob for making this evening such a success and congratulations to Angharad’s winning team – from last in 2015 to first in 2016 is surely an inspiration to us all.

    On Saturday Bianca’s Bazaar and Henrietta’s Home & Garden Competition drew twice as many entries and larger numbers than ever before.  The Church provided the refreshments, including drinks this year, which was a great success.   Another huge vote of thanks to the two of them, to all those who helped to set up and run those stalls and the art books stall and pack away at the end of a long day, to the Home & Garden judges and to all of you who contributed bric-a-brac and / or entered the many competitions: a list of all of the winners appears at the end.

    Sunday began with glorious sunshine.  Amanda’s donkeys arrived early in the Adventure Playground and proved as popular as always; thank you Amanda. 

    Meanwhile in the Crescent many hands were busy at work: sweeping the street; erecting tables and chairs; setting up the bar, tying ribbons around napkins and cutlery and unloading straw bales for the Pet Show.

    Many thanks to Tomoko and her expert judges (including our very own Edward Stourton who hot-footed it from the BBC’s studios in Salford to be with us) for making this year’s pet show such a popular, crowd pleasing event.  Once again a full list of this year’s winners is at the end.

    And then it was time for lunch.  Words cannot begin to express the debt of gratitude which we owe to Sarah (Al Fresco Feasts), Jo and all who helped them to make this year’s lunch one of the best ever.  Thank you all so very, very much.

    To all the children and generous parents who supported the Tombola Stall on Sunday during lunch, many thanks.

    After lunch a walk around the open gardens was just the ticket.  Thank you once again to Amanda and to Liza for organising and to all of you who so generously opened your gardens.  And to all who supplied, staffed and supported the wonderful plant stall, many thanks

    And then, time for tea.  I’m not sure if we have ever had so many wonderful cakes as you baked this year and the quality was out of this world: watch out Nadia!  Yet another huge vote of thanks to Angharad, Vicki, Jose and Maria.  Once again you can find a full list of this year’s Bake Off winners at the end

    May I sign off by thanking all of our organising committee (especially Liz for publicising the various events and William for his financial acumen) for all of their hard work over many weeks in making this year’s festival such a success and to all of you who helped out in so many different ways over the weekend, particularly Robin and Andy at the Adventure Playground – an invaluable local asset.

    And, of course, I must not forget to thank Field & Sons estate agents, William Rose butchers, Moxon’s fishmongers and Blue Strawberry caterers for their sponsorship and support.

    And finally, thanks to all of you for turning out in such numbers and with such generosity of pocket and spirit over the weekend.  It’s what makes living here such a joy.

    We have already begun planning for next year’s festival which will be on the weekend of Friday 16th to Sunday 18th June 2017, so get those dates in the diary now.  If you would like to become involved in this wonderful community event please let me know, my contact details are at the top of the page.

    Yours etc.






                                                                               2016 Results


    The winning team was the aptly named ‘EVER HOPEFUL’ comprising Angharad Start, Madoc Start, Mark Studer, Clare and Malcolm Dean and new residents Stephen Grist and Patricia Elsea.



    Five Cup Cakes – Adult

    First prize – Mari Campbell

    Five Cup Cakes – Child

    First prize – Alice Vallette

    Second Prize – Zara Barr

    Joint Third Prize – Koko Holmes

    Joint Third Prize – Mimi Holmes


    1lb Loaf of Bread

    First prize – Stuart Barr

    Second Prize – Jean Orr


    Fruit Cake

    First prize – Andrew Methven

    Second Prize – Jeremy Metson

    Third Prize – Guy Edmund-Jones


    Five Chocolate Brownies

    First prize – Mari Campbell

    Second Prize – Judith Evans

    Third Prize – Ewout Vellekoop


    Six English Meringues

    First prize – Liza Howden

    Second Prize – Claudia Quinn

    Third Prize – Jean Orr


    Savoury Quiche

    First prize – Jeremy Metson


    Orange Marmalade

    First prize – David Tomlinson

    Second Prize – Brian Attwood

    Third Prize – Jean Orr

    Highly Commended – Lucy Caldicott




    First prize – Lucy Caldicott

    Second Prize – Roberta Bonometti


    Vase of one Rose Bloom

    First prize – Ewout Vellekoop

    Second Prize – Liza Howden

    Third Prize – Sarah Barr

    Highly Commended – Brian Attwood


    Vase of One Rose – Judged solely on scent

    First prize – Alexia Quinn

    Second Prize – Sarah Barr

    Third Prize – Andrew Methven

    Highly Commended – Roberta Bonometti


    Vase of Sweet Peas

    First prize – Ewout Vellekoop


    House Plant in Flower

    First prize – Ewout Vellekoop


    Embroidery Cushion or Picture, or a Hand Knitted Item

    First prize – Jean Orr

    Second Prize – Izzy  Barr

    Third Prize – Gill King

    Highly Commended – Beatrice Quinn

    Highly Commended – Roberta Bonometti

    Highly Commended – Constanza Keifer


    Brush Painting of the Queen– 5 and under

    First prize – Zara Barr

    Second Prize – Mimi Holmes


    Miniature Garden – 8 and under

    First prize – Claudia Quinn


    An animal made from fruits or veg – 8 and under

    First prize – Claudia Quinn

    Second Prize – Koko Holmes


    Hand written and decorated/illustrated poster for a visit of the Queen to the Stockwell Festival – 9 and over

    First prize – Beatrice Quinn


    Anything made out of LEGO – 9 and over

    First prize – Thomas Methven

    Second Prize – Kiki Methven

    Third Prize – Zoe Methven


    A Photograph of the 2015 Festival

    First prize – Sarah Barr


    Photograph – Being Royal – 9 and over

    First prize – Izzy Barr

    Second Prize – Beatrice Quinn




    Pet with the Waggiest Tail

    1st  COCO (Florence)

    2nd   Rapunzel (Isobel)

    3rd   Pevo (Victoria)


    Best Groomed Pet

    1st   Otto (Jules)

    2nd   Truffle (Ellie)

    3rd   Cinnamon (Foster)


    Pet Most Like its Owner

    1st   Phoebe (Tara)

    2nd   Gavin (Scarlett)

    3rd   Storm (charmaine)


    Pet with the Best Trick

    1st   Dipsy (Koko)

    2nd   Clover (Isabelle)

    3rd   Jarvis (Jo)


    Musical Sit

    1st   Myla (Ben)

    2nd   Rotie

    3rd   Misty (Jenny)


    Pet with the Most Mysterious Heritage

    1st   Sam the snail (Hamish)

    2nd   Bee (Scarlett)

    3rd   Bear (Zara & Mimi)


    Pet who has Aged Most Gracefully

    1st   Daisy (Peter)

    2nd   Eddy (Sarah)

    3rd   Busta (Koko)


    Cutest Pet - Due to high demands, this was divided into 2 categories

    Unfortunately, I have not got the final result - it was not written down.  However, 16 Rosettes were handed out.

    Well done to all who entered! Especially congrats to two puppies who were entered for the first time:

      Zac – Yellow Lab (Ben & Bruce)

      Staffie (Antonio) – they were exceptionally cute!!


    Thank you to all the pet owners and spectators - couldn't have done it without you!! We look forward to seeing you next year for more fun.


    Tomoko Tatsuta




    Champion Cake

    SEBASTIAN & AMANDA – Lemon Mascarpone Cake 

    2nd prize:  MARI CAMPBELL - Floral & Fruit Fairy Cakes

    Stockwell Sparkler

    JILLY JOHNSON-HILL – Union Jack Bomb

    2nd Prize:  KIRSTY STEWART-SMITH – Drafts / Muffin & Meringue

    Teen Triumph

    LULU START – Bakewell Cake

    Mini Magic

    FINN ELKINGTON – Festival Carrot Cake



    Adventure Playground                                 Robin Langton

    Bake Off Competition                                   Joachim & Maria Jose

    Bazaar                                                        Bianca Cosans

    Chairman                                                    Brian O’Neill

    Donkey Rides                                              Amanda Cornish

    Home & Garden Competition                        Henrietta Royle

    Open Gardens                                             Amanda Cornish, Liza Howden

    Pet Show                                                    Tomoko Tatsuta

    Plant Shop                                                  Elizabeth Aves, Robert John

    Publicity                                                     Elizabeth Aves

    Quiz & Curry Night                                      Charmaine O’Neill, Rebecca Jarvis,

                  Robert Stirling

    Right Royal Lunch                                        Sarah Barr, Jo Craig

    Teas                                                           Angharad Start, Vicki Wallis

    Treasurer                                                    William Wayne