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    Stockwell Park Residents’ Association




    The association shall be called the Stockwell Park Residents’ Association (hereinafter ‘the Association’)



    The Association’s area is that part of the Stockwell Park Conservation Area which comprises the following streets: Burnley Road, Groveway, Lorn Road, Park View Mews (off Robsart Street), St Martin’s Road, St Michael’s Road, Somerville Close, Stockwell Park Crescent and Stockwell Park Road, together with the adjacent parts of Brixton Road, Clapham Road and Stockwell Road, all in London, SW9.

    All residents of these streets are de facto members of the Association and enjoy all benefits of membership without conditions, formalities or subscription of fees.



    The Object of the Association is to:

    1. Promote the benefit of all those residing in the Association area without distinction of gender, race, disability, political or religious affiliation in all possible ways and to foster a non-exclusive sense of community

    2. Uphold the principles of this Conservation Area by advising residents in matters of development, monitoring planning proposals and applications, including those which affect natural features as well as buildings, and forming and expressing views on such applications to the local planning authority and other relevant bodies such as English Heritage and the Department of the Environment

    3. Protect the Association area’s public environment by liaising with the local authority over relevant matters, including upkeep of pavements, traffic and parking control, refuse collection and street sweeping

    4. Promote the safety of residents and those passing through, and the security of buildings, property and vehicles within the Association area in conjunction with the Police through the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and the Safer Neighbourhood Panel.

    5. Organize community activities for the enjoyment of residents, their children and guests

    6. Raise money by voluntary donations to put on the aforementioned activities and so as to provide the greatest possible surplus for distribution to local charities

    7. Identify one or more representatives for each street to be available to advise residents on all aspects of the Association’s services and activities as described above and to help them obtain satisfaction in matters within the Association’s competence

    8. Promote the benefit of all those residing in the Association area without distinction of gender, race, disability, political or religious affiliation in all possible ways and to foster a non-exclusive sense of community



    1. The Committee of the Association shall consist of the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, members with specific responsibilities and street representatives, meeting not less than eight times per year

    2. Committee members shall be proposed, seconded and elected at the Annual General Meeting each year and shall remain in office until their successors are elected at the next Annual General Meeting. Any vacancy occurring by resignation or otherwise may be filled by the Committee. Retiring members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election

    3. No member of the Committee or the Association shall receive any remuneration other than the reimbursement of administrative expenses, and the income from voluntary donations and any property of the Association shall be applied only in furtherance of its objectives



    The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be open to all residents, who will have been informed of the time and place not less than five days earlier.

    It shall be held each year in October or November to transact the following business:

    1. Receive the reports of the Chair and of members with specific responsibilities concerning the Association’s activities during the previous year

    2. Receive and consider the accounts of the Association and the Treasurer’s report

    3. Provide a forum for all Association members to discuss the Association’s activities and make suggestions regarding the Association’s future agenda

    4. Decide on any resolution proposed by the Committee or by any member present at the Meeting

    5. Elect or re-elect Committee members and invite applications from would-be new members

    In addition, a Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee at the Committee’s discretion, after consideration of any member’s request for such a Meeting



    The Association’s Constitution and its Objectives may be altered or extended at the Annual General Meeting provided that the resolution in question is carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of those present